our roots

Papriik was founded in 2018 by an MBA student in Madison, Wisconsin who was sick of making extra, unplanned trips to the grocery store for the sake of one spice he was missing in his cupboard. Looking closely at his spice cabinet, he realized he had multiple duplicates, spices dating back to 2002 (thanks, mom and dad), and spices that remained unopened from the pre-configured spice rack he received as a wedding gift. After digging through the spice cabinets of his friends, family and classmates, he found that his problem was not unique. Compiling a team of the best business and engineering experts the University of Wisconsin-Madison had to offer, he set out to design and build the best and smartest spice rack the world has ever seen.

The device

The Papriik Smart Spice Rack utilizes sensors to understand when you are running out of your spices. It learns which spices you use often and which flavor combinations you love to cook with. Paired with the Papriik mobile app, the device lets us know when to send you fresh spice refills before you run out. Don’t worry, the spices cost less than the corporate brands you can find at the grocery store. They have more flavor too.

The app

The Papriik mobile app gives you an electronic record of your spice levels, order tracking, and spice rack configuration capabilities. Even better, it can offer recipe suggestions based on the flavors you enjoy to cook. Anticipating a lot of cooking this month? Use the “fill my spice rack” option and we will make sure you are prepared for the big party.